With more than 25 years of international experience, GlobeConsult provides consulting services for businesses considering going international as well as supporting those who are currently working and seeking to improve their presence. We assist in building strategic business plans and provide the tools and know how for each country and market.


About Us

An entrepreneur in International Business and a Senior Level Sales & Business Development Executive, recognized for his ability to incorporate market needs into an organization’s strategic mission.  Unique talent in developing profitable international markets is supported by strengths in strategic planning, organizational development, cross-cultural communications, and multicultural team development and training.

About Us

What We Do

Are you considering going international, or are you already there but not getting the return on the money you are spending? Many businesses across the USA and Canada spend a lot of time struggling trying to grow their companies outside their comfort zone. An endless list of laws, regulations, qualifications, approvals, finding local partners and other such issues can be overwhelming. In many cases, businesses unknowingly make serious mistakes when entering a market for the first time that can cause major problems. That's where a knowledgeable International Business Development Consultant may save you valuable time and money.

With more than 25 years of doing business internationally, we at GlobeConsult, LLC can put you on the right track entering different regions. We would provide you with the right assessment of the countries you wish to do business in by developing a Strategic Business Plan based on your resources and abilities to perform, assisting with the qualifications and approval processes with selected customers, and providing guidelines in the selection of agents, representatives or distributors, whatever your needs are. GlobeConsult, LLC will recommend the most workable tools in marketing the product.

Our Global experience spans North & South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa and China.

GlobeConsult, LLC serves companies of all sizes across the U.S. and Canada. We will come to you wherever you are, there are no boundaries. We will also travel with you, if it meets your business needs. Give us a call at (919) 986 0161 or go to "contact" and register your company and we will get back to you within 24 hours.